About Me

Hello everyone, welcome to New Era Company! I'm Tomika, the CEO and owner! I always think of new and creative ways to start a business and make enough money so that my family would be secure. About a year ago I thought to myself, what type of service could I provide to help others start their own business and have that financial security as well? So here I am ready to help! I'm also the author of the Ebook " Creating A Passive Income Dropshipping", the book is a go to guide for anyone who's wanting to start an online business selling products with absolutely no inventory! 

 I'm a Private Label US Based Vendor, meaning I have a variety of products that you're able to brand with your very own company/ business logo! As you sort through my site you'll see these products range from health and beauty and natural and organic home use. 

Each product comes without labels and logo, this is where I come in to play! Which ever line of products you choose to use to start and launch your business, I'm able to create your company logo and customize product labels and packaging.

Let's say you want to launch your own eye lash line, but don't have a company logo or any idea as to how you will customize your lash boxes. Together we can talk about your ideas for a logo and package design and I handle everything else for you after that! I can print your desired images or look on your eye lash boxes along with the logo I created if you choose. Let's say you wanted to start your own skin care line, as before we will talk about your company vision and ideas and come up with a label design. I will then create the labels to your liking and place them on every skin care product that you chose. 

Through trial and error of my own experiences, I want to take my knowledge and understanding of certain business aspects and apply them to you so we all can be successful! If i only knew what I do now 5+ years ago everyone would be in a better position to win! So don't be afraid to be daring and take that leap of faith. 

Let's jump start your way to success! New Era Company is here to help!

Peace and love,



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